But a bill’s length has very

Just Because A Bill canada goose factory sale Is Long Doesn’t Mean It’s Bad

To President Trump, bigger is better.

canada goose store He has inflated the size of his buildings (counting stories that aren’t there). He exaggerated the size of the crowd at his inauguration (a million and a half it wasn’t). And he, of course, famously lashed out when he was accused of having small hands. (If that implied something else must be small, he said during a nationally televised debate, “There’s no problem.

“As you’ll see, this bill right here was the bill that was introduced in 2009 and 10 by the previous administration,” Spicer said Wednesday. “Notice how thick that is.”

He later went on to elaborate that the GOP replacement plan is even smaller than it looks.

buy canada goose jacket “So far, we’re at 57 for the repeal plan and 66 pages for the replacement portion,” Spicer said. “We’ll undo this. And remember, half of it, 57 of those pages, are the repeal part. So when you really get down to it, our plan is 66 pages long, half of what we actually even have there.”

buy canada goose jacket cheap This tactic isn’t new to the Trump administration; making page counts into a talking point has been a fixture of policy debates since at least the Reagan administration, particularly among conservatives. But a bill’s length has very, very little to do with its quality. And experts say that keeping major legislation short is getting tougher.

canada goose Why all the hate for long bills?

Politicians have criticized long bills for decades, and that history shows a few reasons why people feel (or say they feel) that those bills are a problem.

cheap Canada Goose For one, critics believe these lengthy bills are signs of legislative inefficiency. President Reagan in his 1988 State of the Union address gave a particularly memorable example of it.

canada goose coats on sale “The budget process has broken down; it needs a drastic overhaul,” he declared, shaming Congress for late and “monstrous” budget resolutions. And like Spicer this week, Reagan made his point with his own table piled high with paper (the relevant portion begins around 15:50 in the below video):

“Along came these behemoths. This is the conference report canada goose vest 1,053 pages, report weighing 14 pounds. Then this a reconciliation bill six months late that was 1,186 pages long, weighing 15 pounds. And the long term Canada Goose Online continuing resolution this canada goose coats one was two months late, and it’s 1,057 pages long, weighing 14 pounds. Now, that was a total of 43 Canada Goose sale pounds of paper and ink. You had three hours yes, three hours to consider each, and it took 300 people canada goose clearance sale at my Office of canada goose uk shop Management and Budget just to read the bill so the government wouldn’t shut down. Congress shouldn’t send another one of these. No, and if you do, I will not sign it.”

Canada Goose Outlet Reagan held up each of three different, massive budget bills, to laughter and applause from congressional members. He underlined his point by dropping each stack of papers with a theatrical thump. (He added a final flourish of shaking out his hand, as if he had injured it.)

A bill’s length has also been taken as a sign Canada Goose online that bills were simply unworkably byzantine. The Atlantic’s James Fallows in 1995 cited the 1,342 pages of Hillary Clinton’s health care overhaul cheap canada goose uk as evidence that the bill was “fatally overcomplicated” and “impossible for anyone except the plan’s creators. to understand.”Here’s What GOP Bill Would (And Wouldn’t) Change For Women’s Health Care

Canada Goose Parka Yet another dimension to the fear of long legislation is the fear that it will contain buried, objectionable provisions that Canada Goose Outlet lawmakers buy canada goose jacket won’t find until it’s too late.

Canada Goose sale After the George W. Bush White House passed its prescription drug plan, for example, one Republican lawmaker told 60 Minutes that members of Congress weren’t given enough canada goose coats on sale time canadian goose jacket to understand the legislation.

Canada Goose online “The bill was over 1,000 pages,” North Carolina canada goose store Rep. Walter Jones said. in the morning.”

canada goose black friday sale This is a regular concern, said one former Hill staffer.

canada goose coats “What got snuck into there? What got airdropped into there in conference or whatever?” said Billy Pitts, a longtime GOP congressional aide, explaining a common reaction to long bills. “That’s always the threat of a big, fat cheap Canada Goose bill there’s always something hidden inside of it.”

That notion was hammered home for conservatives with canada goose black friday sale Nancy Pelosi’s infamous Canada Goose Jackets 2010 remark to the Legislative Conference for the National Association of Counties, that “we have to pass the bill, so that you can uk canada goose outlet find out what’s in it.”

canada goose deals She has since said that that quote was taken out of context, but Republicans canada goose clearance seized upon it as evidence of shady lawmaking. Right leaning website the Daily Canada Goose Parka Signal characterized its view of Pelosi’s message as follows:

canada goose clearance sale “What lurks within the House and Senate health canada goose care bills will be revealed in the fullness of time, and it’s really good for us if we only knew better.”

canada goose clearance And finally, there is the symbolic argument perhaps the most common type of uk canada goose argument against long bills. It makes an intuitive sense that Republicans often canada goose uk black friday lambast legislation for being lengthy.

canadian goose jacket “For conservatives, [long legislation] becomes a metaphor for complicated government,” said Norm Ornstein, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, a right buy canada goose jacket cheap https://www.thebeatlestimeline.com leaning think tank. “You throw down 1,000 pages or 1,500 pages, and it looks like they’re doing stuff that gets into every detail canada goose uk outlet of everybody’s Canada Goose Coats On Sale lives.”.

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