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Napolitano’s Big Day Jitters

canada goose uk By Jonathan canadagooseoutlete Weisman canada goose uk

canada goose outlet parka DENVER The Democratic Convention may have united last night behind the ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, but that doesn’t mean Democratic leaders have gotten over their jitters for uk canada goose tonight and beyond. canada goose outlet parka

canada goose outlet in usa Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano said this morning that expectations are so high, and the kibitzing so picky, there’s no way not to be nervous about the Democratic nominee’s performance tonight at Invesco Field. canada goose outlet in usa

canada goose outlet in new york “I worry that no speech ever written will ever meet these standards,” Canada Goose Parka the governor said, citing the “wonderful Catch 22 cheap Canada Goose of criticism” that has greeted canada goose uk outlet every speech so far. Michelle Obama, for instance, laid out her own biography and that of her husband, but was criticized for not discussing buy canada goose jacket what her husband would do as president. Hillary Clinton threw Canada Goose Online her support to Obama, but was criticized for not repudiating one advertisement from the primary campaign, canada goose factory sale Napolitano said. canada goose outlet in new york

canada goose jacket outlet uk “I worry about that,” she said. canada goose jacket outlet uk

canada goose uk site Beyond tonight, Napolitano said Obama needs to simplify his message and hammer it home, over and over and over. The economy, energy independence, ending the canada goose uk shop Iraq war and improving health care should be the only themes of the rest of the campaign she canada goose coats on sale said. canada goose uk site

canada goose womens outlet “Keep pounding that and pounding that and pounding that,” she said. canada goose womens outlet

canada goose outlet store quebec Posted at 1:07 PM ET on Aug 28, canada goose black friday sale 2008But on one condition, McCain should not even move when Obama is twisting the knife. He should regret in his life that canada goose uk black friday he survived the Vietnam’s prisons. Obama Rezko ad came in response to “seven homes ad”. Republicans are masters in hitting below the belt. It is better for Obama to be the Change guy rather than trying to be a mean guy. He will not even survive till Nov 08 if he tries that. gave his speech. I believe that he was called to his mission and that he knew it would cost him his life. He gave it willingly so that one day this day would become a reality. There are things which uk canada goose outlet occurred in the interim that I cheap canada goose uk believe canada goose clearance sale would have grieved his soul and progress that would have caused him to rejoice. Canada Goose Jackets Above all Canada Goose sale he understood that it was not just outward laws that would bring about true change, but a change Canada Goose Coats On Sale of heart. Now, all things being equal, I hear his words ringing out that “all people will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. He always knew that no canada goose store matter the situation one had to make a personal choice to rise above any limitations this world might put on you. You could hear it in his words canadian goose jacket and you knew what he believed in his heart. I’m happy to see this time and I pray that God will keep Mr. Obama and his family in all safety. As much as I rejoice to see this day, I will vote for John McCain. We honor ALL veterans for their sacrifices. Thirty five years later, we are once again immersed in a costly war that has taken its toll on both the military. and especially our economy. And the number one issue among all voters in this country IS the ECONOMY!” I would then get canada goose coats into the economy and McCain’s admitting he knows very little about how the economy works, and simply state that “I understand the economy, and what’s needed to revive it”! I’d also point out that its in our best interest to put together a working canada goose clearance agaenda that has the economy first, followed by improving foreign policy, healthcare for all Americans, affordable education and better pay for teachers, tax relief for those making under $150,000 a year. He has to also make energy a top item, and note that the world market, not the USA, will be the recipient of any oil brought up in new drilling leases. There’s just soooo much wrong, and one would hope that Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and many more will help Barrack Obama deliver the message and point out the flaws in the Canada Goose Outlet McCain/Bush/Republican agenda. If they are willing to accept Bush and Cheney again, then let them wonder down that Crawford canada goose outlet Road. Greatness and Change, Obama will provide this to the American people and The Republicans are Canada Goose online frighten, because he will succeed and that means a guarantee of 8 yrs Of Demcratic Rule. You did it with the inexperience Clinton and Wow. and put citizens back to work. Produce more energy efficient vehicles. Not just hybrids that get 50 60 mpg, but set a goal for a car that gets 100 mpg, the way Kennedy said we’d be on the moon canada goose in 10 years. He must tell people McCain will raise buy canada goose jacket cheap your taxes by taxing employer provided healthcare as income which would devastate the middle class. He needs to equate McCain with Bush and hammer that point home canada goose outlet store quebec.

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