Slasher Smile: Sported by Kalis

And again when Nakao gets hit by a motorboat propeller (the next episode revealed he was dead already) and thrown into the air. It Replica Celine was apparently deemed graphic enough for Takako to be shown in close up twice with her eyes bulging out of her skull that the upper half of her head is censored whenever her body is shown. Class Representative: Yukari Sakuragi and Tomohiko Kazami. Izumi Akazawa isn’t really one at least until Sakuragi dies, but acts the part the most.

Celine Cheap Meaningful Name: Surely it’s not a coincidence that the most prominent Dark wizard of the series has a last name that’s a near anagram of “Dark?” In the same vein, almost all the mage names are meaningful, which is probably because the mages choose them at the end of their apprenticeship: Morden means “to kill” in German. He’s a Death mage. Deleo means “I erase” in Latin. She’s a Water mage who specializes in disintegration spells. Vitus comes from Latin for “life”. Celine Cheap

Celine Replica Bags Action Girl: Per the premise Anachronic Order: The anime version alternates between two main story arcs set in 1998 and 2002, and also has occasional flashbacks / flashforwards to events happing elsewhen. Axe Crazy: Kalis Norman, Psycho for Hire par excellence. Dark Action Girl: Shiva Evil Matriarch: Shizuka, Aoba’s mom, certainly won’t win any awards for Mother of the Year. Expressive Hair (more specifically, Rui’s hairclips, which look like crab pincers, can pince) Fanservice: Surprisingly nowhere near as much as one might expect from a series about young girls piloting giant robots. The anime averages in at about one fanservice moment per episode. Faux Affably Evil: Shiva can put up a good facade of being kind and friendly, but it’s just that. A facade. Gadgeteer Genius (Aoba, borderline) Godiva Hair (Shiva) Groin Attack (In the manga, one of the female characters gets wounded over there when a large, mecha sized blade penetrates her mecha’s cockpit. Lady of War: Shiva is a villainous version. Little Miss Snarker: Rui. Loves the Sound of Screaming: Kalis in the manga. He rants about how annoyed he is that one of the girls won’t scream for him while he rapes her. Otaku (Aoba, a plastic model otaku) Psycho for Hire: Kalis Norman is a rapist for hire. Rapunzel Hair (Acao. It causes her problems.) Shrinking Violet: Satsuki Sinister Scythe: Used by Kalis to strip the clothes from his victims. Slasher Smile: Sported by Kalis, constantly, and various other villains on occasion. Spell My Name with an “S”: Kalis Norman? Karis Norman? Karis Nolman? Kalis Nolman? Team Shot: (a direct homage to the final shot in the Gundam op, at that) Walking Shirtless Scene: Kalis again. White Hair, Black Heart: Kalis Norman, Walking Shirtless Scene, Psycho for Hire, and all around bad guy. Celine Replica Bags

Celine Replica Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985). Max refuses to kill Blaster after knocking off his helmet and finding the hulking brute is actually a drooling idiot. This violates the rules of the Thunderdome, in which two men with a quarrel enter and only one leaves (designed to stop quarrels from spreading and involving others). Worse, he blurts out the fact that Aunty Entity hired him to kill Blaster, forcing The Dragon to take direct action and kill Blaster himself. Entity gets her revenge by banishing Max into the desert. Celine Replica

Celine Outlet The fun begins an hour or so into the trip. First, it’s revealed that a landslide has blocked the normal path and the shuttle bus is going to take an alternative route that has been mapped by air but is through a zone of the planet no human being has ever set foot on before. A bit later, the shuttle bus stops for no apparent reason halfway to the destination and, because the local star doesn’t emit regular sunlight but super deadly radiation, they can’t leave the bus. The Doctor convinces the crew to open the blinds for a moment, and the mechanic sees something running towards them from the horizon. Then something proceeds to bang on the sides of the bus, mimic the passengers’ attempt at contact by knocking in response to their own knocks and finally rips off the drivers’ compartment. Sky freaks out, thinking that it’s her ex wife coming to kill her, and the creature is drawn to her screams. and possesses her Celine Outlet.

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