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City officials disregard evidence on de

Re. “Residents call for end to calcium chloride use,” June hermes blanket replica 27

After hearing from scientists, auto mechanics and replica hermes bags hundreds of irate citizens about the damage from de icing solution, I am flabbergasted that the city bureaucracy has the gall to basically ignore the facts and continue to push their ideology and agenda on to council.

high quality Replica Hermes In the past two years, my smooth concrete garage floor now looks like a replica hermes himalayan bag stippled ceiling under my vehicle, and I had a costly $1,700 underbody repair which my mechanic attributed to sudden rusting of my undercarriage. high quality Replica Hermes

We simply don have the time or replica hermes purse the opportunity every few days in the winter to get an underbody car wash as suggested by the deputy city manager. He seems to think we should all go replica hermes himalayan bag price to the car wash after work when our vehicles are saturated with this de icer. How do you handle 40 or 50 thousand vehicles every day in only a dozen or so expensive car washes that can spray the underbody of vehicles?

Hermes Replica The hermes birkin replica cost orange birkin replica of repairs to our vehicles and our concrete infrastructure by the continued use of this chemical will be enormous. But the bureaucrats could not care less. They are the smartest guys in the room. Hermes Replica

Bruce Wilson, Edmonton

DNA database of all Albertans?Re. “Superlab cancellation means subpar resources,” Opinion, June 26

Most interesting that baby born in Alberta is screened for 21 treatable inheritable disorders in hbags handbags reviews the Newborn Metabolic Screening (NMS) Laboratory.

Are these samples preserved? Perhaps one day they may be subjected mini birkin bag replica to further testing? Think of the possibilities: A DNA bank containing the DNA of everyone born in the province of Alberta. Making this accessible to law enforcement would be a major help in solving crimes that had Look At This DNA available. Just a thought.

perfect hermes replica Edward S. Redshaw, Edmonton perfect hermes Constance Croco Leather replica hermes replica

Genocide is the right termSome people in Canada are upset the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women Inquiry (MMIWI) final report used the term genocide. hermes replica One of them is Andrew Scheer. He says it isn would you call stealing children and putting them into church run residential schools? Schools where abuse and rape were commonplace. All those kids came out messed up, likely with PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Hermes Handbags Do you wonder why you see First Nations people living in poverty? Struggling with addictions and dysfunctional families? I bet none of us would do any better. Who suffers the most? Women and girls. Hermes Handbags

high quality hermes replica uk If that isn genocide, I don know what is. high quality hermes replica uk

Hermes Replica Handbags If the MMIWI is going to mean anything, we need to stand up to people who try to diminish this and tell them how wrong that is. It only adds another grievous insult to a terrible wound. Hermes Replica Handbags

Genocide is exactly the correct term. I just hope they don judge all of us the way that we judged them.

Mark Lindberg, Camrose

Oil by rail deal misuses public moneyRe. “Crude by rail numbers about as clear as mud,” Keith Gerein, June 27

I felt betrayed by the Notley government when this ill advised plan was announced. The deal was likely the most expensive misuse of public funding in Alberta history.

Notley explanation that the deal was profitable only makes sense if you think that providing most of this funding for corporate profit is an appropriate use of public resources. I don Anderson, Edmonton

Kenney should apologizeAs a proud, long time Alberta citizen, I am very appalled and annoyed about Premier Kenney disrespectful, unethical, intentional handing out of earplugs to his UCP MLAs during the pivotal, important evening legislative debate on Bill 9.

Not only was his deplorable, Going Here intentional act disrespectful to the Alberta democratic legislative debate process but it was also abominably disrespectful to the NDP MLAs, to all Alberta government and public sector workers, and to all Albertans like myself.

Premier Kenney ought to right now give the aforementioned wrongfully disrespected parties a prompt, profoundly contrite, sincere public apology.

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