1. 01. Analoog v.s. Digitaal

    13 mei | 2015

    Wanneer analoog en digitaal elkaar aanvullen en de platheid van digitaal verdwijnt ontstaat er meerwaarde in een ontwerp. Door te werken vanuit schetsen, knipsels en andere opzetten buiten de computer wordt het digitale ontwerp sterk beïnvloed en zal deze meer gelaagdheid krijgen.

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  2. 02. website the true size of food

    21 april | 2015

    Tijd voor taart, het is feest. Vandaag lanceren we de officiële website van The true size of food.

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  3. 03. Knippen en plakken zonder appel

    16 maart | 2015

    “Oh leuk, gaan we knutselen?” Nee, nietsvermoedende HAN student, we gaan hier zeker niet knutselen, wij leren jullie vandaag ontwerpen. En ja, dat doe je met papier, schaar en lijm.

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  4. 04. We hebben weer een leuke!

    5 februari | 2015

    We hebben weer een leuke om te liken!

    Anouk van Goor, onze enige, echte, nieuwste, coolste Dik&Stijlloos-aanwinst. Give her some love! Hoe enig, echt en cool ze is kan ze jullie het beste zelf vertellen.

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  5. 05. Roze Ramen

    12 december | 2015

    Smullen van roze chocolade tijdens Pink Cacao, een evenement in het teken van acceptatie van seksuele diversiteit in en rondom Helmond. De Cacaofabriek fungeerde op 16 november als het decor voor de rooskleurige dag.

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  6. 06. Snap jij hem?

    4 december | 2014

    Naast het werk in opdracht, vermaken we ons geregeld zonder computer met ‘analoge photoshop’. Knippen met een schaar, plakken met Pritt en bewerken met een fineliner, gewoon zoals het ooit bedoeld was. Dat vinden wij leuk.

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  7. 07. Chemicals are applied to the scalp to produce an allergic

    Co manufacture special steels like martensitic steel, ultra high strength steel, austenitic steel and precipitation hardening steel. Co manufacture […]

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  8. 08. I can buy into the girl villain

    You could be correct about that. It was my understanding that Noah and Helge (86) were both snatching kids […]

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  9. 09. I buy canada goose jacket joined a sport I had never done

    The biggest culture shock for me was honestly how fat everyone is, I had forgotten that, lol. I think […]

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  10. 10. My youngest daughter would actually rather have a cot than

    Replica Bags Wholesale dollar menu fails to lift mcdonald’s sales Replica Bags Wholesale aaa replica designer handbags This is […]

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  11. 11. Or, more precisely, that the cost measured in time and hassle

    Browder convinced congress to pass the Magnitsky Act, and Putin has been furious about it ever since.So to clarify, […]

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  12. 12. Miller: the second amendment doesn protect the ownership of

    usada chief says ‘simple’ fix to testing bottles issue cheap moncler outlet I am stuck in Epic and have […]

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  13. 13. The royal blue was used as Replica Hermes uk a sort of drop

    Also I sorry I just cannot forgive her for killing her mom. Trish has the worst mom and doesnt […]

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  14. 14. Tax code overhaul, expects the investments to yield results in

    This is a way that you can participate, or really I can participate, as well. Senate has officially […]

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  15. 15. Chick Chat anche un modo anche per tradurre il femminile al

    quello che le ragazze si dicono Con paillettes e tacchi a spillo si pu fare buona informazione. Ogni settimana […]

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  16. 16. Dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis are the two most

    met office issues amber heatwave warning people to stay indoors Wholesale Replica Bags Upstream on Kampot River’s eastern banks […]

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  17. 17. American companies still struggle to maximize their potential

    aaa replica designer handbags Akram323 2 points submitted 8 days agoProbably the most nifty thing about this course is […]

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  18. 18. Choose these and you will be accommodated in at least a

    Niantic definitely dropped the ball on Pokemon go. They are barely able to keep the servers running and that […]

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  19. 19. And of course, this applies for managing a family as well

    Should I get one for my 4 year old daughter? I admit that it would be a great tool […]

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  20. 20. For serv to the Welfare of Animals

    “President Trump’s tax cuts have really transformed the future of America for the better,” House Ways and Means Committee […]

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  21. 21. Een gouden staartje

    1 oktober | 2014

    Gefeliciteerd Astrid Bussink! De jeugddocumentaire Achter de Toren won een dik, vet, loodzwaar, gouden kalf. Ook cool voor ons, want wij maakten de titels. Daar mag op gedronken worden: alcoholvrije bubbels voor de hele zaak! Het blijft tenslotte een kinderfilm…

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  22. 22. From fine dining restaurants to luxury replica bags small

    As an insurance agent, you know that your business clients place importance on creating a plan for future growth. […]

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  23. 23. Her high school is holding a vigil in a Missouri park to mark

    Basically, this is the typical thing where they come out with a device that has flaky driver support to […]

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  24. 24. The stunt was that he stood, which is all he had to do to work

    Are killed by male intimate partners. And with injury and violence listed among the leading causes of annual male […]

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  25. 25. The hotel provides a free shuttle service to nearby businesses

    Better game than EB 30 due to bigger combos in the DD phase and to clearing the barriers faster. […]

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  26. 26. Coleen says So what happens after the wedding will you be going

    Season 3 is in full production with a new range of four more 1 hour Documentaries.SBS Head of Documentaries, […]

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  27. 27. (Nazism and Arianism is implied

    ‘s cultivated air of mystery begins with the lack of a sign. Only a subtle wall plaque and red […]

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  28. 28. A quick Google search resulted in a few hermes birkin bag

    The weird news is that hermes bracelet replica rather than seek the help of an IT professional to luxury […]

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  29. 29. The issue is that if a more popular game is turned into a show

    Traveled a bit in Indonesia a few years ago. I was there with an Indonesian Canadian friend. I noticed […]

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  30. 30. Let the jug canada goose outlet ontario stay in an area that

    henrikh mkhitaryan slams alexis sanchez comparison canada goose store Welcome to Washington weird new weed economy. A clash between […]

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